Get Synergised is driven to inspire change and connect people.

An effective Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is a strategic investment for any business that should take into account all key stakeholders: employees, investors, consumers and the community. Stakeholders expect businesses to behave in a socially conscious way.

Those leading the way in developing effective strategies around community investment are likely to attract and retain the best employees, become an employer of choice, build brand recognition and maintain consumer loyalty and trust.

Inspiring employee engagement for effective giving, utilising time, resources, expertise, finance and skills is key as a responsible way to do business and builds profit, a culture of purpose and empowers local communities.

  • We create opportunities for business, charitable and public sectors to collaborate for greater social impact
  • We provide a bespoke consultancy and project management service
  • We believe that businesses, local government and the charitable sector collaborating together can be a powerful catalyst for change