Business Sector Solutions

The Opportunity 

In today’s climate being a responsible business requires more than just existing for profits alone. Businesses have the opportunity to positively contribute to society by the innovative, sustainable and effective use of their time, expertise, resources and finance.

Companies are becoming more conscious of the impact that they can have on all aspects of society including economic, social and environmental and there are numerous rewards for businesses when building effective and meaningful partnerships in local communities and wider society. Issues affecting society today are not disconnected from business, they are becoming increasingly recognised as intrinsically linked.

Enlisting the expertise of Get Synergised will:

  • Give you a specialist in the field with over 20 years experience
  • Provide strategic direction and creative thinking as you navigate a Pathway to Partnerships with Purpose
  • Give you the expertise to implement a Community Investment Strategy
  • Provide you with the knowledge in the field of charitable organisations to make informed decisions
  • Provide a framework for managing partnerships, expectations and measuring success
  • Save you time, money and resource to enable you to focus what you do best

 Pathways to Partnerships with Purpose

Your strategic roadmap, using Get Synergised Pathways to Partnerships with Purpose as your GPS guide, will help you define where your organisation is,  where it wants to go,  and how to get it there.  Asking yourself what difference you want to make and why is critical in shaping your strategic approach.

Through an assessment and analysis process with Get Synergised, our work will be concluded with a completed roadmap. Traversing the roadmap together, with well-defined milestones at every step of the way, we will support you to identify your impact, strategic approach and keep any partnership on track.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why should I align my business values  to charitable giving?
  • What might the needs in my local community be?
  • What charitable organisation could I support and how?
  • What skills, resource and expertise could my business offer to local communities?
  • How do I actively engage my employees in charitable giving?
  • How do I broker an effective and sustainable partnership with a local cause?
  • How can I manage that partnership successfully and measure impact?