For the Business Community

Are you asking these questions?

  • How do I go about finding the right charitable partner?
  • What are the needs arising in my local community?
  • How do I actively engage my employees in charitable giving?
  • How could our skills, resources and expertise help our local community?
  • What charitable organisations locally align to our values?
  • How can we broker effective and sustainable partnerships
  • How can we know what difference we are making?

Enlisting the help of Get Synergised will provide you with the solutions.  

In today’s climate being a responsible business requires more than just existing for profits alone. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that they can have in all aspects of society – economic, social and environmental and there are numerous rewards for business when building effective, sustainable and meaningful partnerships in local communities with local charitable organisations.

It is clear now more than ever that the issues affecting society today are not disconnected from business, but they are intrinsically linked. The pursuit of purpose, alongside profit for business is becoming more important and being a force for good is moving closer from an ideal to now a new reality.

Services for Business

Getting Started

  • Discovery Session
  • Training and Events

Getting Results

  • Strategic Audits
  • Project Management

Ongoing Growth 

  • 1:1 Strategic Consultancy


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