For the Charitable Sector

Are you asking these questions? 

  • What is the best way to approach and engage with the business community?
  • Are we articulating clearly enough to the business community what we need?
  • What does the business community need and expect from us?
  • How can we better manage meaningful and sustainable partnerships with businesses?
  • How can we celebrate mutual success and return on investment?
Enlisting the help of Get Synergised will provide you with the solutions.

Understanding how to appeal to the business community can be a stumbling block for many charitable organisations.

With rising demands and austerity, charities need to start thinking smartly and acting strategically when looking to develop more meaningful partnerships, with broader diversity, to attract additional funding and mutually beneficial resource. In order to sustain and maintain effective working relationships with businesses, it’s important to invest time and effort into the planning and approach when finding and growing effective partnerships.

Services for Charitable Organisations 

Getting Started

  • Discovery Session
  • Training and Events

Getting Results

  • Strategic Audit
  • Project Management

Ongoing Growth 

  • 1:1 Strategic Consultancy

I provide a  free 30-minute Discovery Call to get you started – You can reach me on – – 07725 515471.