Charitable and Public Sector Solutions

Understanding how to appeal to the business community can be a stumbling block for many charitable and public sector organisation.

As the  need to explore alternative funding routes intensifies, building confidence in approaching the business community is paramount.

Business are looking for opportunities to offer their expertise, time, resource and finance to charitable causes and matching shared values and understanding return on investment for both parties is fundamental to any charitable partnership.

Driven by a desire to see the charitable sector and public sector sustain its impact, Get Synergised advises on strategic execution when collaborating and building sustainable partnerships with the business community.

We are able to provide strategic thinking and  project management solutions.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How effective are we in engaging and appealing to the business community?
  • How do our current mission, values and strategy have mutual shared value with business?
  • Are we articulating clearly enough to the business community what we need and why?
  • What does the business community need and expect from us?
  • What further opportunities are there to diversify and broaden our reach with the business community?